Lead time with respect to decision-making

In addition to the traditional lead time calculations, it is important to measure the time and quality of the figures, data and information, all the way from the unfiltered, primary source to the appropriate decision-making unit.

What good is it to have a quick process, if the required figures are late? The cornerstone for Toyota and efficient processes: to approach the problem as closely as possible, time-wise, work through all relevant figures or have them available to you, and then solve the problem.

Having a deep understanding of the process is a key requirement for this approach, as all decisions made on the basis of this immediately impact the process. That is why it is imperative that the “digital” picture reflects reality.


In addition to the classic DLZ, the DLZ is crucial for success in providing information for decision-making.

What and how long do data, facts and information need to reach the right decision level?
From our own experience, the longest was 365 days.