Activity structure analyses

In an activity structure analysis, each person records the duration, the number of processes, the persons involved, the frequency, and other data. The guidelines for this analysis and its assessment are defined and carried out through a special process. An activity structure analysis is a sensitive process that can only be carried out with the consent of the works council.

The goal of this analysis is to achieve transparency on the type and frequency of processes, regardless as to who is doing the work. Anonymity and total transparency across the entire process are paramount and form the basis for acceptance and implementation. Depending on the process, the note-taking must capture a few seconds up to several minutes each time, and must be done over at least two weeks, so that reliable information is obtained. These results can be used to actively synchronise the interfaces, thereby eliminating rework and redundant work; to standardise the processes for efficiency and to reduce overhead; to change the organisation and the process flows so that they are expedient.