Leadership/ Coaching

Coaching, unfortunately, is not a copyrighted term; nowadays, every instructor and manager can also call themselves a coach. However, in my eyes, those who are allowed to call themselves a coach have completed studies in psychology and have gone through several months of systemic training.

I was trained in procedural coaching on the basis of systemic consultation and therefore, my process coaching has clearly-defined boundaries. I work with people on their management processes and procedural challenges within their organisation. The resolution of personal problems is something I hand over to someone with the appropriate qualifications.

Taking a position of principle is what is important to me: My work does not entail any type of manipulation, whether through the contract, my personal viewpoints, or other topics.

In process coaching, there are various approaches, which will be discussed, established and processed on a case-by-case basis. The purpose of the coaching contract is to drive the process and provide clarity as to what happens when. The modus operandi, conversations and recordings are kept strictly confidential; results will be visible through deliberately modified behaviour.

Coaching has various objectives:

  • General process coaching
  • Shop floor management and problem solving
  • Coaching as per Toyota practices
  • Personal coaching in the context of management processes
  • Defining your position and further steps