Case 3

Case 3 engl.
Task Reduction of lead time
Sector Mechanical engineering, 1 facility in Germany
Business sector Entire facility, with all business areas (direct and indirect)
umber of employees 100
Implementation length 6 months

The conveyor technology manufactured by the plant is used in industrial facilities and represents true high-end German quality, to be found in the materials and the geometrical dimensions. The owner had taken over the plant from his father under less-than-ideal conditions. He placed great importance on educating his employees on lean management topics every year.

The lean training would take place in the form of on-site workshops or sometimes as week-long workshops - perfect for a company consisting of close to 100 employees. It is in this context that we were asked to closely examine a value stream; this was also done for the purposes of training the employees and management staff.

The value stream brought the following to light: Production took place only as project business. Demand through industry and construction projects fluctuated greatly, as did the incoming payments. With customer behaviour such as this, speed in the value stream is a total competitive advantage and the value stream was also designed for this. During this process, it was established that a special, very expensive plastic was produced and stockpiled by the company A monetary assessment showed that half a million euros were tied up in this plastic, without being connected to a direct project order.

For a company as small as this, this represented a real risk. The successful resolution: We calculated the correct quantity, so that not only would the customer be able to work quickly and qualitatively, but the company could avoid tying up capital.