• Ab 2018
    Kleh. Consulting & Solutions, executive Director

    Professional skills

    • Strategy development
    • (Re) organizationn
    • Management processes
    • Lean management
    • Process design
    • Coaching

    Analytical manager with broad, international and cross-sector experience, especially in the fields of mechanical engineering and personnel development. Assertive and strong in communication with pronounced negotiating skills and a high level of integrity. Extensive experience in advising managing directors, process analysis and control, project budgeting and controlling as well as the further development and optimization of corporate departments. Confident and resilient even in demanding situations.

    Project successes at a glance

    Development and reorganization of plant and company processes using a new operationalized strategy process with measurable improvements in various plants and areas::

    • OEE and cost-efficiency / calculation of 4 components of
      around € 500,000 in 3 months
    • OEE improvement of a future project over 2 production lines with Industry 4.0 of 18% in 1.5 months and a set-up time improvement of 88% to 2 hours
    • Structure and process coaching of shop floor management cascades in the factory organization according to Toyota
    • Restructuring and cost efficiency within 4 years of almost € 5 million
    • Establishment of a new management and value culture for efficient process improvement in the plant
    • Optimization of HR processes in parallel at 4 locations with an increase in efficiency of> € 1 million
    • Cost and process efficiency across all company areas with a stable reject rate of 5% (max. 80%)
  • 03/2017 - 07/2018

    Plant Manager

    F. Maier GmbH, Sand-Gießerei Scheeff: Nersingen

    Responsible for 120 employees in sand casting, core moulding, model building, maintenance, post-production, mechanical processing and assembly; 5 direct employees. Executive board member. Reduction in quality costs, increased delivery performance, increased productivity, secured growth, accompanied the 4th generation of ownership

    • Reduction of the lead time from order receipt to dispatch from several months to <1 week
    • Reduction of 11 serious accidents at work to 5 simple accidents (cuts)
    • OEE increase by 6% annually
  • 01/2013 - 02/2017

    Plant Manager and General Manager

    Festool GmbH, Neidlingen plant

    Responsible in technical and organisational terms for ~500 employees, 8 direct employees, 5 indirect employees and an additional ~22 Hanchos across 3 hierarchical levels:

    • Areas: Tool and fixture construction, Industrial Engineering (AV and new products), turning/milling, assembly, universal and EC motor construction, printing, internal logistics, Kaizen team, maintenance, management and order management, technical management of HR, QA, Controlling, IT and material requirements planning
    • Responsible for ~25 million euros in operating costs and 5-7 million in investments
    • Set-up and implementation of future concepts/strategies: Turning/milling, tool and fixture construction, logistics, IT and motor construction
    • Set-up and implementation of a continuous plant goal derivative process and operationalisation on the shop floor (Hoshin Kanri/policy deployment)
    • Various reorganisations to processes and structures
    • Flexibilisation of the plant with respect to process, work time and capacities to achieve +/- growth
    • Set-up and training of management principles with the objective of achieving autonomous practices
    • Training of management and next generation
    • Efficiency improvements to energy, personnel costs, quality, etc.
    • Implementation of production strategy in the Česká Lípa plant
    • Reduction and expansion of the workforce at the plant from 260 to 220 employees and finally to 550 employees
    • 27% increase in volume over 2 years with the same area
    • Inventory turnover: ~ 7/y including raw material and finished goods with an initial inventory turnover between 2/y and 3/y
  • 10/2011 - 06/2013

    Academy director, principal and project management

    Festool Engineering: Neidlingen

    Account management and management of various technical projects. Conceptual design and structure of the academy including structure of the training content. Generation of needs analyzes, creation of target definitions and implementation of measures to ensure continuous personnel development. Additional function as a representative with responsibility for public relations.

    • Consulting projects: Aluminium recycling, yogurt containers, milling machines/multiple spindle machines, tool holders, etc.
    • Academy development and set-up
    • Set-up and further development of training content
    • Employee training
    • Acquisition of training and consultancy projects
    • Representative and public relationsReduction of the lead time from 4 to 5 days to 1 day for the production of yoghurt cups
    • > 10% increase in efficiency in an aluminum recycling plant
  • 12/2008 - 09/2011

    Part-time self-employment

    External consultant: Bad Bergzabern

    Advisory and conceptual work, mainly for managing directors and owners. Generation of measures for the modularization of IT modules and as a basis for strategy workshops on product positioning.

    • Consultancy services for business managers and owners
    • Sales training, acquisitions consulting
    • Concept development of the modularisation of IT modules
    • Strategy workshops for product placement
    • development and implementation of management training
    • Structure and design of customer-oriented marketing slides for decision-makers
  • 04/2007 - 09/2011

    Manager and expert trainer

    Daimler Trucks, Central Lean Organisation OMCD: Germany, USA, Brazil


    • Lead Trainer for Indirect Processes, Trucks and Cars
    • Examination board member for Lean Expert Trucks and Cars
    • Expert project trainer: Customer centre, HR project across 4 locations simultaneously, start-up of entire MPII plant, sales, IT, food services, etc.
    • Development and set-up of indirect expert training as Standard Trucks and Cars worldwide
    • Introduced systemic lean management consultation and coaching

    USA, Brazil and Germany:

    • Development and set-up of management training across all Truck hierarchical groups worldwide
    • Set-up of Truck Training Centre worldwide
    • Various HR lean training as the central standard
  • 03/2006 - 03/2007

    Employee in executive department Lean Management

    Mercedes Trucks: Wörth am Rhein

    • Start-up and set-up of Lean Office plant
    • Development and implementation of training of potential carriers and all plant managers
    • Trainer and Train the Trainer in WS
    • Various concept developments to introduce lean management
  • 01/2003 - 03/2006

    Quality management employee and project manager

    Mercedes Trucks: Wörth am Rhein

    • Development of specifications sheets for the overall project “Operative QM System in the Production Plant”
    • Project management of “Prioritising and Escalating Q Topics” across all control loop plants
    • Cost-benefit analysis of all control loop plants
    • Standardisation of processes, input patterns, data fields across all factory processes
  • 01/1999 - 12/2002

    Quality management of purchased parts, special projects

    Porsche AG: Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

    Responsible for around 60 suppliers of engine components in the process stages of logistics, quality and production from the development interface to the field. In the special projects, I was part of the purchase price parts analysis team to set up additional suppliers. In my role as lead auditor (EOQ), I monitored the processes, the approval of suppliers and supported the Carrera GT start-up.
    My board project "Project management crankcase to ensure quality and supply" had the goal of ensuring delivery capability, stabilizing it and reducing overall costs. In addition, I was involved in various attempts as an SE team member in the BoxsterS and Turbo engine projects.

    • Executive officer-project manager for crankcases (PAG and KS)
    • Lead auditor for suppliers
    • Process responsibility for body-mounted engines
    • Boxster and 911
    • SE team member of Motor Projects Turbo and Boxster S
    • Collaborated on the concept of replacement engine assembly
    • Projects with the purchase price partial analysis of supplier projects with Porsche Consulting
  • 04/1998 - 08/1998

    Dissertation: Optimisation of the material requirements planning/logistics and QA departments with the objective of training the supplier team

    Porsche AG: Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

    Concept to achieve synergy between logistics and purchased parts management

  • 09/1993 - 10/1998

    Mechanical engineering specialising in production engineering

    Technical University of Köln-Deutz

    Work placements: Control technology, measurement techniques, machining, materials science, programming, SAP, ABAP

  • 10/1997 - 03/1998

    Research assistant

    Management consultancy Wiegershaus GmbH: Cologne

    Optimisation of material flow and jobs for customer projects, short company analyses

  • 04/1996 - 06/1997

    Working student

    Market research at the Monheimer Institut: Monheim

    Evaluation of field surveys of various products, market analyses, reporting of television programs

  • 09/1996 - 02/1997

    Logistics and material requirements planning trainee

    Porsche AG: Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

    Technical concepts of early warning system, +/- programming bills of material, autonomous planning

  • 10/1995 - 06/1996

    Research assistant

    Technical University of Köln-Deutz

    Set-up and introduction of finite elements

  • 10/1995 - 06/1996

    Prlant trainee

    Petrochemistry: Dormagen

    Audit reports, process map of crude oil cracking, set up access DB for replacement parts management

  • 07/1992 - 09/1995

    Industrial mechanic

    Industries, homes, locksmiths Rheinland

    Worked in my learned profession to finance my alternative service and studies

  • 09/1992 - 09/1993

    Alternative service in an old-age and extended care home (civil service)

    Caritas St. Franziskus: Langenfeld

    Independent building manager with ~160 beds, trained new building manager

  • 07/1992 - 09/1995

    apprenticeship to Industrial mechanic specialising in operating systems technology

    Deutsche Bahn: Ausbildung Leverkusen Opladen

  • 06/1989

    Qualification to enter a university of applied sciences

    Landrat Lukas Gymnasium: Leverkusen