About Kleh.

I consult, support and accompany businesses undergoing transformations, whether it's a change in ownership, changed market conditions or the need to rationalise for the purpose of future effectiveness. My many years of experience in this field allow me to step into a variety of roles; my main focus is consulting and process coaching.

Within the scope of a project or a challenge, I will, together with those involved, work through those parts of the work system where the targeted trigger points and interventions for personal, procedural and organisational changes have been identified. The focus here is on added value for the customer, the sphere of action and people. I am committed to clarity: In my work, I will not accommodate personal manipulation or other hidden objectives.

  • Transparency is the prerequisite for transformation, measurability and the basis of working together
  • Esteem, respect and tolerance is important
  • I engage in active and coherent communication and provide the recipient with clarity
  • I take responsibility and act in a manner that is transparent
  • My behaviour and actions are straightforward, dependable and consistent
  • My focus is to ensure sustainability and added value for the customer and this forms the basis of my guiding principles
  • The work should be enjoyable for me and those involved